DVLA Website Buckling Under Pressure After Latest Online Move

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AA Advises Drivers Not To Tear Up Paper Licence

The DVLA website set up to help Drivers access information about their licence in the wake of the scrapping of the Paper Licence Counterpart suffered a series of setbacks in its first days.

Drivers trying to hire a car were completely at a loss as they tried to login only to find themselves faced with a message telling them that their connection had timed out. Travellers abroad were set back as car hire companies complained of having to pay £10 to access information via another service.

Others complained that they required the Driver's National Insurance Number to access it - information that most holiday goers travel without.

An AA spokesperson spoke to the MailOnline and has now advised Drivers to, "keep their counterparts if they choose to although the DVLA say you can destroy it" The spokesperson went on to say that it is, "good advice until there is a bit more clarity about the information you would need to hire a car."

How to Prepare if Going Abroad

The AA suggests that to avoid disappointment once you land access the DVLA website prior to travel. You'll need to know your Driving Licence Number, National Insurance Number and Postcode.

Then note down the code provided along with your National Insurance number to take with you. Please note codes are only valid for 72 hours so do this just before you leave.

Car Information Becoming Too Hard to Keep Track of?

All of these changes means keeping an even closer eye on your Car Documentation. It would be great to access key information such as Insurance, MOT, Road Tax (and now your Driving Licence) all with a press of a button. We'll keep you up to date through reminding you to reassess the status of all your car admin on a regular basis.

Well that's what we hope to do! If you register your interest for free you'll know all the developments before anyone else as well as first access to deals!

So have you had any problems trying to hire a car? Have you tried to access the DVLA website? Let us know we would love to hear your stories!


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