Guess What? We're giving you more control than ever before!

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One thing that everyone wants, no needs, when it comes to Cars and driving in the UK, is more control.

(It used to be the Paper Tax Disk, but we've more than helped in that area with our Vehicle Smart Disks)

More control means an easier life, so we've decided to give you complete control over your Vehicle Smart Disk. Now when you fill out or update your badge in the member's area of our website you'll be directed towards a printable version of your VSD badge.

That's right, all you have to do is login and fill out your details then press print and you'll have a high quality version ready to print. The badge itself is the EXACT same size as the old Paper Tax Disk and so will fit in your old disk holder right there on your windscreen!

We trust you and we want you to have complete control, that's why we're the Honest Driver's Friend. 

And if you haven't done so yet, make sure to download our App on iOs or Android, so you can access your information at any time and in any place! Not a single bit of your information will be kept on your phone, instead it is kept in a state of the art online server that only you have access to!

We may have an exciting development in that area in April so keep those eyes peeled!

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