Stephen Glover Lashes Out At The Government Over The Paper Tax Disk

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But Does He Know We Have The Solution?

Last week Stephen Glover wrote this damning article for the Daily Mail asking a question that many of our members used to ask before discovering VSD - 

"Will anyone in the Government have the sense to reverse the utterly idiotic decision to ditch the Paper Tax Disc?"

Daily Mail

The simple answer is NO! The DVLA is full of idiots if you ask us and that's why we created Vehicle Smart Disk. It's not just a replacement for your Paper Tax Disk but a reminder system for Tax, MOT and Insurance sending reminders direct to your email account and your mobile phone.

It's free, it's simple and it's completely in your control from start to finish. Need to update your details? Simply login, update and then print your new badge off!

Stephen Glover comments, "Never did I once hear anyone complain about this straightforward and efficient procedure which harked back almost to the dawn of motor vehicles. It commanded near universal respect because it made such obvious sense.

And that, of course is why the jobsworths at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) decided to get rid of it."

We couldn't agree more! But instead of asking the Government to bring it back just sign up for a Vehicle Smart Disk, the natural evolution of the Paper Tax Disk.

Stephen Glover we'll give you a lifetime membership! 

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