The DVLA Is Lying To You

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And 75% Of You Want The Paper Tax Disk Back!

A recent survey clearly showed that 75% of Motorists would love to have their Vehicle Tax Disk reinstated.

Well, Vehicle Smart Disk IS your new reinstated Tax Disk!

So why do you we need to go cap in hand to the DVLA when all of the time they are making money out of you? It just means that the reinstatement will never happen!

The DVLA is not required by law to send you a reminder!

Only one-third of motor vehicle owners have received a reminder to renew their motor vehicle duty, the reminder has been dramatically reduced so that the motorist forgets to renew, so a penalty notice can be issued. This is the true reason for reducing the reminders.

The DVLA is using psychological blackmail.


How The Scam Works

2,000 motorists will not receive a renewal notice from the DVLA, as they are potential random targets for the DVLA scam. 50% to 60% of motorists will be relying on receiving a notice one month before the due date, because they no longer have the paper tax disk to remind them!

All of the DVLA monitored targets will have a 7 day period to renew. Now for the double sting. If the renewal has not been made, a penalty notice is sent out by the next day.

The 'monitored target' will then, quite rightly, contact the DVLA to remonstrate that they had not received a renewal notice to renew their road fund licence.

The response is always swift: 

"Well Sorry Sir, the DVLA is not legally bound to send you out a notice.  The responsibility is yours as the legal owner of the vehicle to make sure that you are taxed for all of the times your vehicle is on a public highway. It is also your responsibility to pay your motor vehicle tax on the due date, SO YOU HAVE TO PAY THE PENALTY."

Now comes for the second part of the sting all part of their nice message back:

"However, if you don't want this to happen again Sir, we suggest you instruct us to take out a Direct Debit."

This is clearly psychological blackmail.

You have now paid the DVLA to have all your bank details so they can dip into your Bank account for anything they want; New Duty, Double Payments, Mistakes, Parking Fines - your bank account is their oyster.

Does no one find it peculiar that the DVLA's mantra is to go paperless and yet persist in sending out paper reminders?! 

No paper tax disk and yet they would send out reminders diminishing as the months go past (the bait)!

The notable Journalist Stephan Glover, who writes for the Daily Mail, fell for the DVLA scam! He even wrote an article last week asking the vital question:

"Will anyone in government have the sense to reverse the idiotic decision to ditch paper road tax disk?!"

The answer is simple people! 

You Just Need A Vehicle Smart Disk! Simply click here and you enter the information required to set up your FREE account.

Once you have filled in the application form with your personal and vehicle information all you have to do is click 'submit'.  Then your new disk will appear in the exact same size as your old tax disk in a printable window with the complete visual of your vehicle information.  If you have made a mistake after reviewing the disk all you have to do is go back to edit, correct the mistake and then click submit again.

Then you just print your new Smart Disk. It's that simple!

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