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Outrageous Fines Given To Law-Abiding Citizens

Outrageous fines are being dealt out to law-abiding driver due to lack of communication from Insurance companies.

Thanks to more people hearing about Vehicle Data Display concerned individuals have been getting in touch to tell us their stories.  Many might believe what we say about police officers pulling over drivers and fining them for not having up to date Insurance but what many question us on are the drivers who have kept up to date falling victim to fines and points due to a technicality.

Well listen to this story from Joe and discover that this is a real concern in the UK.

Joe was driving home with his children one evening when he was stopped by police to check his credentials. Confident that he was up to date with his Insurance, MOT and Road Tax he happily gave the officers all of his information and waited patiently for the all clear.

Due to unknown reasons his Insurance was flagged as expired.  Knowing that this was far from the case he asked the officers if he could get in touch with his Insurance Company to prove that he had only just recently renewed his Insurance.  They tried a few time to get in contact but outside of working hours the Insurance Company could not be reached and so the Police proceeded to tow his car there and then.

Despite then proving that his Insurance was completely valid like he had said, Joe still had to pay the £145 it cost to have the car towed.  The Insurance Company at no point offered to compensate the £145 as a sign of good will, leaving Joe out of pocket just for being a good driver.

How To Protect Yourself

There is one simple way to avoid being unfairly fined by the authorities and by the incompetence of many Insurance Companies.  All you have to do is register your interest with VDD. 

That way you'll be the first on the list to sign up for your very own Vehicle Data Display Badge.

Once you've registered you'll be the first to know when our first batch of badges are ready and will be given the opportunity to sign up at a lower rate. Then two badges fitted with QR codes will be sent straight to your door.  The QR code and VDD App (iOS and Android) allows you access to all of your details quickly and accurately. The only other individuals that will be able to access this are the Police using their badge numbers.

This means that if you are pulled over and the Police are incorrectly informed regarding the status of your Insurance they can access your VDD account and see that this is far from the case.

We're hearing more and more stories like Joe's.

Don't get caught out SIGN UP to VDD today.

Do you have a story like Joe? Tell us on FACEBOOK or TWITTER we want to hear them.


The great driving licence fraud

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Driving Licence Fraud (a.k.a A Police Officer's Nightmare)

Making life easier for everyone

The other day some of the VDD team were driving back from a lunch meeting (we like to refuel and develop the VDD badge at the same time) and they noticed the Police pulling people over to check that drivers were fully up to date with all their documentation.

The team decided to ‘pull’ themselves over and show the Police the preliminary VDD Badge explaining how it would speed processes like this up. Perhaps even at some point make such an exercise null and void. The friendly Police officer noticed it instantly smiled and exclaimed, “What a wonderful idea!” – music to our ears but quickly he added, “but what we’re also looking for are valid driving licences.”

The Era of Fake Driving Licences

It would seem that a growing issue for British police officers are the amount of fake Driving Licences currently on the British road. High numbers of fake driving licences correlates with increases in hit and runs and cars fleeing accidents. It also means higher insurance rates as the number of uninsured (if they do not have a valid driving licence chances are they do not have insurance) rises with each fake driving permit.

Looking into it we isolated five main ways that fake licences are making their way onto our roads:

1. Fake By Intent - DVLA have made a number of licences (estimated at 4 million) such that when a driving licence is copies it has “fake” several times along the bottom. This is to prevent people making illegal copies. However, if someone takes a copy as part of a query it creates questions. Because of such confusion the Government abandoned it, but they are still in circulation.

2. Fake By Replacement – there are around 30,000 non-UK drivers exchanging their former country driving licence for a UK one. To some extent these are fake as the driver has not taken a driving test and they seem to be open to abuse. More importantly the driving licence being exchanged could we be a fake one.

3. Fake By Manufacture – Although there are no exact numbers the National Crime Agency do highlight that highly professional “factories” exist that can manufacture thousands of fake ID documents including driving licences.

4. Fake By Date – Many drivers simply do not renew their out of date Driving Licences. Whether they simply forget or decide not to many are driving with an out-dated licence. It is estimated that 2 million drivers have been caught due to this with a fine of £1000 issued each time. Since 2010, 734,000 were caught out like this generating £41m in fines.

5. Fake By Examination – Some pay others to take their test for them whilst others bribe their examiners. Both ITV and the Mirror exposed this awful truth. Either way this means that there are fraudulent drivers driving the streets with unlawful Licences right now endangering other drivers.

It’s easy to see now how it is such an important issue that the British Police Force are trying to tackle. So now the question is ‘How do we help?’.

What Can The VDD Badge Do?

What we hope that a VDD Badge will do right now is give Police Officers an added confidence boost. By simply having a VDD Badge on your windscreen they’ll know that 99% of the time the person driving the car has a valid Insurance with up to date MOT and Road Tax. The Police Officer will also know that all it will take is a simple scan they then in put their badge number and within minutes will know everything that they need to know. 

And now the next exciting stage for the Development Team is to start exploring a way of integrating Driving Licence information into the current Vehicle Data Display Badge. This will help both the Driver and the British Police Officer giving them peace of mind and confidence on the road.

Don’t Forget!

If you register your interest now you’ll be the first on the list in finding out which exciting developments are ready to use. We want you to be as excited as we are in what’s to come so let us know your thoughts and questions!

We hope you're as excited about this new addition as we are!

Let us know your thoughts on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


Inspiration behind

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First things first. . .

Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far, we're as excited as you are about the launch! Our team is working hard as we speak and everything is running on time so we can send out the first batch of badges to you our interested friends.

And another thank you to everyone who has 'liked' our FACEBOOK page and followed our TWITTER account. It really is the best place to get to know more about us as a product and as a company!

What we would love to do now is briefly explain how this magnificent invention came to be. It all started last October...

The great paper Tax Disc change of 2014

Last year the DVLA ANNOUNCED the abolishment of the paper Tax Disc.  Gone forever is the little round disc that sits in your windscreen with all your details moved online.  These new changes, they argued, would save the department £7 million every year.

Sounds like an excellent move.

Since the change to drop the VED disc the number of cars being clamped has jumped by about 3000 per month.

But one thing that the DVLA forgets is the round paper Tax Disc is more than just proof that you've paid your Tax. For many (including our inventor) the paper Tax Disc acts as a visual reminder to many drivers to check when all their vital documentation is due. Not just Road Tax but Insurance and MOT are all thought of when drivers glance to the bottom left of their windscreen.

And it's great that everything has been moved online but how easy is it for the everyday user to access?  Will they get reminders?  Will they be able to change their details with ease if they buy another car?

This is where Vehicle Data Display hopes to help.

You'll never forget with VDD

A Vehicle Data Display Badge will help fill the void left by the paper Tax Disc.  Once you receive your two badges you simply stick it on your windscreen where your tax disc used to sit.

It's made so that light can filter through, making it less obvious then the paper version, but it is still noticeable providing you with a much needed prompt to think about your car documentation.

That's what the badge started out as... but we wanted to add more. With a VDD badge you can store all of your information regarding your MOT, Road Tax and Insurance. Then using our free app you simply scan your badge to access it at any time.

Even better one month before a renewal is due we will send you an e-mail and a text message to prompt you.

All we ask in return is that you keep us updated of any changes, for example, changing cars and that you respond to the reminder that we send you.

So to become one of the very first users REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE. You'll be first in line for all upcoming benefits and offers!

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