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Outrageous Fines Given To Law-Abiding Citizens

Outrageous fines are being dealt out to law-abiding driver due to lack of communication from Insurance companies.

Thanks to more people hearing about Vehicle Data Display concerned individuals have been getting in touch to tell us their stories.  Many might believe what we say about police officers pulling over drivers and fining them for not having up to date Insurance but what many question us on are the drivers who have kept up to date falling victim to fines and points due to a technicality.

Well listen to this story from Joe and discover that this is a real concern in the UK.

Joe was driving home with his children one evening when he was stopped by police to check his credentials. Confident that he was up to date with his Insurance, MOT and Road Tax he happily gave the officers all of his information and waited patiently for the all clear.

Due to unknown reasons his Insurance was flagged as expired.  Knowing that this was far from the case he asked the officers if he could get in touch with his Insurance Company to prove that he had only just recently renewed his Insurance.  They tried a few time to get in contact but outside of working hours the Insurance Company could not be reached and so the Police proceeded to tow his car there and then.

Despite then proving that his Insurance was completely valid like he had said, Joe still had to pay the £145 it cost to have the car towed.  The Insurance Company at no point offered to compensate the £145 as a sign of good will, leaving Joe out of pocket just for being a good driver.

How To Protect Yourself

There is one simple way to avoid being unfairly fined by the authorities and by the incompetence of many Insurance Companies.  All you have to do is register your interest with VDD. 

That way you'll be the first on the list to sign up for your very own Vehicle Data Display Badge.

Once you've registered you'll be the first to know when our first batch of badges are ready and will be given the opportunity to sign up at a lower rate. Then two badges fitted with QR codes will be sent straight to your door.  The QR code and VDD App (iOS and Android) allows you access to all of your details quickly and accurately. The only other individuals that will be able to access this are the Police using their badge numbers.

This means that if you are pulled over and the Police are incorrectly informed regarding the status of your Insurance they can access your VDD account and see that this is far from the case.

We're hearing more and more stories like Joe's.

Don't get caught out SIGN UP to VDD today.

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