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Not So Great Having A Car That Parks Itself

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"My Car Turned On Me!"

"My Car Tried To Kill Me!"

Sounds like something from a cheap sci-fi film or the plot of a new X-Files episode but it's a reality that we could soon be facing thanks to the current radical growth and integration of technology in the everyday running of cars.

We love the fact that cars are becoming more tech focused, we even wrote all about the car trends that we're most excited about!

So of course Mercedes and other luxury car brands using an integral Wi-Fi system to control all major systems is an innovation that many of us want right? Handing over control of everything from Diagnostics, Management Systems, Steering, Breaking, Parking, and even your windscreen wipers sounds like the future we've all been dreaming of yes?


Great words from a Very Wise Man (Our MD) in response to this remark from his top IT Engineers "I have coded this device impentrable."

"Give a challenge to a human, if one person can conceive it, the other person can also break it."

This was his mantra to all the engineers that he trained over the many years.

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Allowing companies/individuals to create an integral Wi-Fi controlled system to access all major functions to your vehicle is practically begging other people to break it.

The car manufactures will fix (in computer terms patch) one problem. Then another patch and so it goes on. How many times have you heard from banks and other commercial institutions "Our internet security is fool proof."!!!!!!!

This leads the other person to be even more determined to break it. Which leads us to our all consuming fear: HIVING. A whole network of hackers working as a COLLECTIVE. This will lead to a whole new world of trouble for you as as a driver.

Just last year Chrysler announced a massive recall of 1.4 million vehicles due to hacking concerns. Not long after that hackers managed to take complete control of a car as it was driving down a road almost crashing it. And it's not like security experts are keeping quiet about the fact that it's becoming increasingly dangerous to have a car connected completely and handing over control of major functions.

The fact of the matter is that handing over control of your car especially to systems like the ones being used by all car makers, luxury brands in particular, is particularly stupid. But car makers want you to!

Well thankfully we're working on a complete game changer here at Vehicle Data Display.

Our state of the art VDD System uses an Autonomous WiFi hub as a hotspot so our next level VDD E-reader badges can update automatically. It works much like your WiFi system at home, hackers won't want to hack into it as there is no immediate benefit for them to do so!

So if you want to keep in control of your car but have all the benefits of a WiFi system where ever you go!

Over the next couple of months VDD will provide you with everything you need to:

  • protect your car and your bank account from fines
  • connect your car without the threat of hacking
  • keep your car on the road
  • keep your documentation up to date
  • keeps your vital information safe

So don't miss out because only those who have one of our free badges will be offered our upgrades first!

Want to sign up so you're first in line for the next stage of Vehicle Data Display?  Sign up here but make sure you have all your details with you! We need to validate all your information so we know it's up to date and then we can get that badge to you!

- VDD The Honest Driver's Friend!

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