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Huge Surge In Clamping Sees DVLA Making Millions

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At The Cost Of The UK Driver

When VDD first started discussing the numerous changes being brought in by the DVLA we predicted a huge rise in cars clamped, cars towed through miscommunication and the DVLA benefitting from the changes financially.

Where the DVLA has failed the British Public we aim to help

According to this article from The Guardian over the weekend a staggering 100,000 cars have been towed away since the abolishment of the Paper Tax Disc. This is huge rise of 58% from the previous year.


VDD recently reported on the estimated thousands of Drivers that will be clamped because of the change.

Wales Online reported on this very problem. Focusing on Cardiff in particular the CF14 postcode area has reported double the amount of clampings have doubled. Bristol has also noticed a huge increase in clampings thanks to these new rules.

Have you had your car clamped or towed because the DVLA hasn't contacted you? Let us know.

The DVLA seem to be doing very well out of this rise making an estimated £15 million in profits. Not only that but the new regulations means that they could be receiving double the payment of tax for a car if it has been sold.

We may have already delved into the finances of the DVLA

What Is Actually Causing The Increase?

There are two main reasons for this huge increase in UK Drivers being charged and both can be directly put on the DVLA.

  1. The changes in Vehicle Tax regulations have confused many drivers. Even worse many drivers were not made aware of these important changes by the DVLA. The new regulations mean that if you buy or sell a car then you have to renew the tax on it. Whereas before the tax carried over drivers are now being asked to renew again. It's worth looking into the details as well as the new tax won't be in effect until the beginning of the next month so you could be driving your car illegally without realising for a substantial amount of time!
  2. The removal of the Paper Tax Disc. We know for some of you keeping up to date is like second nature but for many up and down the country a reminder can help a great deal. Now the DVLA is not legally required to remind you when your tax is due but claims to do so. But we all know that a letter in the post or an email that gets lost in the spam folder just does not help and that paper disc was an excellent reminder. Well now it's gone and many have now forgotten to update their tax disc because of this.

Simply put the DVLA are taking advantage of British Drivers' ignorance of rule changes when it is the DVLA's fault that such ignorance exists.

So How Can A VDD Badge Help?

There are many benefits to having a VDD Badge and fortunately many of them apply directly to this very problem.  

  • A VDD Badge will remind you when your Tax, MOT and Car Insurance are all due. And rather then a letter or one email you receive a text and an email that you are required to respond to.
  • A VDD Badge requires you to keep up to date with your details. You can easily access your details securely via our App
  • A VDD Badge tells the authorities that you are up-to-date with all of your documents for your car immediately so your car isn't wrongly towed.

So don't let the DVLA fine you for their mistakes, sign up for a free VDD Badge today.


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