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The UK Paper Driving Licence Is No More

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The DVLA Gets Rid Of The Paper Counterpart

The DVLA's scrapping of the paper counterpart of the paper licence, their latest move into the Digital Age, will be just another step towards chaos for drivers, Car Hire Companies, Insurance Dealers and Car Dealerships across the UK.

Today, 8th of June, marks the end if the paper Driving Licence and the introduction of another potentially confusing chapter in British Driving Admin.  Given the DVLA's utter failure at communicating the finer details of the Paper Tax Disc (a fountain of money for the DVLA in terms of clamping and fines) it should be repeated what this actually means for the British driver.

The New Online Driving Licence 

  • All of your details will be stored in an online database. If you change any details a new photo card will be issued but that is it.
  • If you wish to share your Driving Licence details, to an Insurance Company or Car Hire Company for example, you have to request a code. The company can then use this code to access your information online.
  • You can access your information safely and securely via a newly launched site called MyLicence

Car Hire Nightmare (And That's Just The Beginning)

Before this newest DVLA change, hiring a car involved just handing over your paper licence fort he car hire company to check.  Now it means the driver having to request a code to then give to the company.  The company then has to log in with the code in order to access the Driving Licence information. And be warned, the code only lasts 72 hours so make sure you time it perfectly!

Another area of concern is for the Car Dealerships offering test runs. They warn that this could be an administrative nightmare for quite a simple task. The same can be said for Insurance Companies who will need to add another step to their application and quoting systems.

"55% of Britons Not Aware"

According to a recent RAC survey 55% of British Drivers are not aware of the proposed changes. This spells out utter chaos for those looking to hire a car or test drive a new model this summer as they simply will not know that they have to and request the code to access their details via MyLicence.

What To Do Now

In the wake of such a change and to help you avoid the confusion take note of a few of the following tips:

  • Destroy your paper licence, it's no longer valid (unless it dates back to before 1998)
  • Note down the day before you plan to hire a car so you can access the required code
  • Watch this video from the DVLA


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