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The Daily Mail Reveals Car Clampings Double After Tax Disk Axed

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Why the increase? Because they don't send out reminders any more!

Just this morning we posted this blog post revealing that the DVLA do not send out as many reminders as they claim to and that by next March they'll probably be cutting the number of reminders they do send out, even more. Combine that with the fact that scrapping the Tax disk means:

1) you no longer have a visual reminder every time you get in the car AND

2) dodgy and dishonest drivers no longer have to put a tax disk out to prove they are up to date.

Means there has been a huge increase in the number of illegal cars on our roads!

Well now the Daily Mail has revealed that since the axing of the tax disk Car Clampings have doubled to 9,000 a month! This is unacceptable and proves that what we are saying is true!

The DVLA isn't sending out reminders efficiently enough!

And to add insult to injury, "The crackdown has coincided with the DVLA outsourcing to a private firm NSL which conducts twice-yearly checks of vehicles in every UK postcode."

Honest drivers are suffering because the paper tax disk acted as a constant reminder. That's why we developed VSD, to act as that reminder and more. Why would you not sign up when it's free? It means you can prove straight away that you're up to date with you:




It means Peace of Mind. Unlike the DVLA we're here for the honest driver of the UK!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


The DVLA Is Lying Again!

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The DVLA can't seem to stop their campaign of lies. We've already exposed how they've been selling off your details to third party parking companies and how their new system will keep down the number of untaxed illegal drivers (it's actually done the opposite!).

But the lie that really takes the.... biscuit? That they will remind you when your tax is due. Now we've brought this up before, you can read it here, because we though you had the right to know. We couldn't put an exact figure on it, but we knew that the DVLA isn't actually required to remind every single legal driver when their tax is due.

The DVLA say that they send out reminders but really they don't. We know from an inside source that they only send out a fraction of the reminders they claim are sent out! This is because legally THEY DO NOT HAVE TO.

Sure, they tell you that they'll let you know.

And sure, they tell some of you.

But do they tell ALL of you?!

Of course not!

Well now we know, with out a shadow of a doubt, that the DVLA plans to cure the number of drivers they remind down to almost zero. Our inside source has revealed that March next year is the point of no return. Where the DVLA will claim to remind people when in actual fact they send out the bare minimum.

And if they do, it's a paper reminder to the majority of drivers and let's be honest that makes no sense when they are so hell bent on moving everything online.

Why do they send you a paper reminder? So you forget about it!

Well we all know the solution don't we!

Sign up for a system that works for the honest British Driver not against! Our FREE Vehicle Smart Disk will not only remind you when your Tax is due, but also your MOT and Insurance. Sitting right where your old Paper Tax Disk sits it acts as a visual reminder.

And it's the first step towards a Smart Car with our huge discount off of our MiFi units and our exciting Zues and Hera Car Tracking software.

Enough is enough. We'll provide the solutions that the DVLA should be providing for FREE!

Sign up for Vehicle Smart Disk today and join a system that works for the Honest UK Driver.


Revolutionise Your Driving Experience With Vehicle Data Display

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Vehicle Data Display Launches - Secure Portable In-Car MiFi

We're excited to announce the launch of our Secure Portable In-Car MiFi service, offering revolutionary MiFi units at the lowest price available on the UK market.

Along with our next generation Vehicle Smart Disks, this is the next stage in our plans to help make the lives of UK Drivers better than ever before!

This new service means you can:

- Purchase your MiFi unit and be connective wherever you drive

- Secure your own MiFi unit at the cheapest price available right now - £71.99

- Sign up for a Vehicle Smart Disk for free and receive a discount lowering the price to £65

- Connect multiple devices so the whole family can use it

- Control monthly payments - it has nothing to do with us!

- Take it into your home and use it instead of broadband!


That's right we're now offering you the ability to take MiFi with you wherever you go!


Forget about roaming charges and those ridiculous mobile data charges! Just grab a MiFi unit, find the pay-as-you-go Sim plan that works for you and that's it!

It means powerful mobile Wi-Fi in your car - today, at a price you won't find anywhere else on the UK market. We've created, in partnership with TP-Link, the Smart Disk Secure Portable In-Car MiFi and we can't wait to share it with as many UK Drivers as possible!

We can predict your next questions... "Can I use the Smart Disk at home?"

Of course you can!

The MiFi unit is exactly the same as your broadband hub but it's portable! Think about it this way. With your existing home WiFi whenever you leave your house it's not being used. Well with the SmartDisk MiFi you just take the MiFi Unit with you! So you can use MiFi wherever you go!

To take advantage of this low, low, price head on over to our store now.


Sign up for one of our Vehicle Smart Disks and get it at the even lower price of £65!

You're not going to find this deal anywhere else on the market.

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