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5 Reasons MiFi Is The Future Of Driving

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The world is moving at a speed never seen before. Information, work and play, all moving rapidly, and we spend our lives constantly keeping up.

We want to be, and need to be connected, all the time.

We all know this, and so from the people that brought you the revolutionary Smart Disk from Vehicle Data Display have once again decided to help the British public and introduce your cars to the wonderful world of MiFi.

What's MiFi?

MiFi is the future. Simply put, it's mobile WiFi, a more powerful connection wherever you are in the world. Once you own one all you need is a Sim only plan from any provider (and there's a few), slot it in and off you go!

We're going to be selling MiFi units at the lowest price you will find on the market. No where else in the UK can you find high-quality, mobile units, like these.

But What Does It Mean?

This means being connected to the internet wherever you are, including your car. Driving around the roads of the UK you no longer have to worry about signal dropping in and out.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to get MiFi in your life TODAY:

1) You can add multiple devices

So it's not just you benefitting but all those lucky people you drive around. You can add mobiles, tablets and laptops all at the click of a button

2) You can connect up WiFi only devices

That's without having to pay extra - you simply connect them up and off you go

3) It goes wherever you go

Busy travelling for work and hate slow hotel WiFi? Simply take your MiFi unit with you into your room meaning you avoid high rates and poor connectivity

4) Faster download speeds

MiFi units tend to support a faster connection which means... Faster download speeds!

5) It works seamlessly with your Smart Disk from Vehicle Data Display!

It means faster connectivity with your App. It means the ability to easily enter your Vehicle Display Wallet (where you can save all your important documents) and will support our revolutionary new tracking system - Zus and Hera!

We don't want to go on about all the exciting technology that VDD will be bringing you over the next couple of months, the list is a long one, but make sure to sign-up and keep your eyes open for:

1) Zus and Hera smart parking and charging ports

2) Eink Windscreen Display

The British public deserves this! That's why we're bringing it to you at the lowest market price available today - £71.99

And, if you are a VDD member, it's ONLY £65!!!

So sign up today and grab your discount code so you can start enjoying connectivity wherever you go.


Read All About It!

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We have another set of Driving articles from around the UK that have caught the attention of the VDD team over the past fortnight. There's one story that we're sick and tired of hearing, however, and you'll find it in the top spot this week.

The majority of the British public misses the Paper Tax Disk. We're hearing it over and over again. Well we can tell you that the DVLA will not be bringing it back any time soon!!!

But it's fine! Because we've got the perfect solution! A FREE Smart Disk that sits in the corner of your windscreen like your Paper Tax Disk but does SO MUCH MORE!

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Our top three stories are below.  Let us know if we've missed any out!

1) BRING BACK THE TAX DISC!  Three quarters of motorists want the paper tax disc back on their windscreens

"The DVLA scrapped paper tax discs two years ago and the majority of drivers say they now forget their renewal date. MOTORISTS are still missing paper tax discs despite them disappearing from windscreens two years ago.

Three quarters of people surveyed by want the DVLA to bring them back want the DVLA to bring them back as without a visual reminder they find it hard to remember when to renew."

We've said it before and we'll say it again, you don't have to miss the Tax Disc, just sign up for a Smart Disk!

Read more here!

2) 'Major Failings' in DVLA Medical Fitness To Drive Cases 

The BBC Reports, "The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is not making fair decisions about medical fitness-to-drive cases, a report has suggested.

It said people's lives had been put on hold for years because of flawed decision-making and poor communication.

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman's report found "major failings" in eight drivers' cases."

Have you had an issue with the DVLA? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!

Read More Here!

3) Cornwall Driver Banned Nine Months After Eye Alert

But on the flip side to the Health Debate you tell the DVLA and they take too long to make a decision.

"A driver who told licensing officials nine months ago of eyesight problems has just been banned from the road, despite now having recovered. Kevin Trebell told the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in January, on the advice of his optician, that he had double vision.

But he heard nothing until October when he got a letter telling him his licence had been revoked."

Check out the rest of the story here!

Vehicle Data Display Driver Reminder

- If you are concerned about your health and how it can affect your driving, find out more here

- We have an exciting deal that will change your life.  Sign up for free to be first in line!

That's it for now.  Do you have any stories or reminders that you think we should talk about?!

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- Smart Disk from VDD, The Honest Driver's Friend


Read All About It!

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We've finally calmed down (slightly) from last week's news that the DVLA is lying to everyone and selling your details to third party parking firms!

"What? When did this happen?!" Don't worry you can find the article right before this one.

But that's not going to stop us from giving you free tools to help stay ahead of the lying DVLA. Free tools like:

  • Our revolutionary Smart Disk from VDD with it's own Unique QR Code (UQR)
  • Our free Vehicle Smart Disk App
  • Our multi-use VSD Wallet where you can store important documents online, making them accessible everywhere (You have to be a member of the VSD family to gain access)
  • *TOP SECRET* But we'll also be revealing an exciting new product so keep your eyes peeled in October

Don't forget, below our round-up of Car News in the UK we have a great tip for you on how to lower the stress of driving in the UK so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

So here we go!

1. New Six-Point Penalty for Mobile Phone use When Driving 

"Under new rules announced by the Government today, drivers caught using a hand held mobile phone while driving face increased penalties. Texting, making phone calls without a hands free kit or checking social media accounts will incur a £200 fine and six driving licence penalty points from 2017. Drivers who have recently passed their test face having their licence revoked and being forced to retake their test."

Read more here via Auto Express.

via Auto Express

Did you Know That VSD Want to Help you Stay Safe on the Roads?

2. Car Buyers: Buy Now Or Pay More Road Tax From 2017

"Motorists are rushing to buy new cars before new regulations come in next year - hitting drivers of even the most efficient vehicles with £140 a year road tax.

Announced in former Chancellor George Osborne's summer budget in 2015, the existing vehicle excise duty (VED) system will be axed in favour of a one-size-fits-all blanket policy."

Find out how to avoid the tax hike via Motoring Research

Via Motoring Research


Guess what?! We want to help reduce insurance premiums and protect you from fines helping you to save money!

3. Crooks Took Cash to Take Driving Tests for Others for £2,500 a Time

"A gang of fraudsters who charged dozens of people up to £2,500 a time to take their driving test have been jailed.

Belgian national Dzemail Trstena, 45, made a fortune by getting his team to impersonate customers at driving centres around the country.

Officers obtained CCTV showing prolific team member Bulgarian Emil Petkov, 30, being sent away from 30 test centres for using someone else's photographic ID."

Read more about these crooks here

via The Metro

Vehicle Smart Disk Reminder

  • It's now easier to fight against unfair fines thanks to a new free online tool that will help appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. Find out more here 
  • Although it may be easier to sign up for one of our revolutionary badges and protect yourself from future fines!

Don't forget! We have big news on October 1st! Make sure you've signed up to our Emails!

That's it for now. Do you have any stories or reminders that you think we should talk about?!

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