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The DVLA Are Lying To You And Making A Fortune Off Your Details!

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Cancel your Direct Debit now and demand a petition to stop the DVLA selling your details to Third Party Parking Companies.

Parking companies are making £10 million off of your details through selling them to Parking touts. The Daily Mail broke a story like this earlier in the year but have revealed more details recently and it's pretty shocking!

Don't believe us? Here it is in print!

Parking Touts pay DVLA £10m a Year

And where does it end? What do they do with your bank details?! Are they taking money out, or are they charging you for made-up fines for driving supposedly 'uninsured' thanks to their complicated new rule system?

As a matter of principle the DVLA should try and contact all of the hard-working tax paying UK drivers to let them know that their information may be sold on. Especially when it is being sold on to private companies chasing down fines.

The DVLA want you to think that they are helping you and protecting you but nearly everything they've done since 2012 proves otherwise!

  • The ban in clamping in private parks that came into practice in 2012, has led to an increase in private parking companies paying for drivers' details
  • The abolishment of paper tax disks has led to a loss in money due to an increase in uninsured drivers
  • To all the gullible motorists that are paying direct debits to the DVLA YOU are giving them the information to use against you at the slightest mistake!

It's not just the fact that they're selling your information it's also the fact there has been a huge increase in private parking firms requests for information compared to two years ago!  We're not talking thousands we're talking hundreds of thousands of requests!

Our clairvoyant MD has made a prediction that we know will come true soon - the DVLA will start taking money automatically out of your bank account!

Cancel your Direct Debit and protect your information with our system.

VSD Smart Disks will not sell your information. We'll say that again, we absolutely guarantee that we will not pass your information on to any third party.

Including the police.

VSD Smart Disks with VSD Wallet protects your information in our state-of-the-art servers.

Sign up today and fight back against the DVLA!

What do you think? Do you agree that it's a disgrace as well? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!


Over A Million Uninsured Drivers In The UK

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One of the main reasons why? The DVLA of course.

On the 4th of July Churchill, the well known and trusted car insurance provider, posted this revealing Facebook post:

uninsured drivers

Yes, that's right, over a million uninsured drivers are now on the roads of the UK putting honest UK drivers such as yourself in danger and costing you a pretty penny.

Then on the 7th of July they posted this revealing blog post breaking down the research showing that East London is an area with the highest concentration of uninsured drivers!

Are you a driver in East London and want to prove with ease that you're an insured driver? Sign up here to get one of our free badges.

According to Churchill and their motoring partners:

  • East London has the highest number of uninsured drivers in the UK
  • Half of the top ten UK areas for uninsured vehicles are located in London
  • There are an estimated 55,000 uninsured drivers in Birmingham

This is simply unacceptable.

What's a simple and effective way to encourage people to insure their cars? By having physical proof on every single car. People are flouting the rules because they don't have to show that they have insurance!

The DVLA wants to move with technology. That's great, but they should have done it like us and create a smart badge. They abolished the Tax Disc and insurance is the first thing to go with it. Not only that but since the abolishment there has been a sharp rise in uninsured AND underage drivers!

Make sure it's easy to tell that you and your family members are uninsured, sign up for one of our free badges here.

But why should it concern you if people are driving around uninsured?

  1. It hikes up premium rates leading to more adults going without cover and pushing up your insurance
  2. It costs the British motorists around £400 million a year in payouts
  3. If you're hit by an uninsured driver it could mean losing your no claims bonus and paying excess rates

So what's the solution?

More and more people need to show physical proof that they have an insured car. Insurance companies will be more likely to lower rates if there was an easy way to confirm that you are insured and if you're a responsible driver.

And if more people show that they are insured then it will be easier to spot the crooks acting as a deterrent for such behaviour.

But how can you officially prove you're up-to-date?

Well we've made life extremely easy and come up with the VSD Smart Disk. A Smart Disk from VSD, with embedded technology, sits where your old tax disk used to sit. Many of us still miss the Tax Disk it's true, but our Vehicle Smart Disks aren't just simple replacements but also acts as a reminder system for Road Tax, Insurance and MOT. All of this information is also easily accessible via our App.

Sounds excellent? You should hear about our online storage system that means you can save your driving licence in our vault and carry it around with you on your phone.

The DVLA are doing nothing to combat this problem but we are.

Sign up today and show off that you're an honest UK Driver.




Complete Peace Of Mind For UK Car Drivers

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With all of our new exciting developments, and there are so many, we wanted to go back to the beginning and remind everyone of the core features of our revolutionary Vehicle Smart Disk Smart Disc.


And that's it. All for FREE. Simple, effective and trustworthy - something the DVLA has never really understood.

It's the first step in the right direction if your want complete peace of mind when it comes to protecting your car and your finances.

  Vehicle Smart Disk Smart Disc - The Honest Drivers Friend

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