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DVLA Could Have Easily Avoided £200m Slump

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Our resident expert Michael Cross has, quite rightly, made the pages of the Evening Standard sharing his thoughts on the failure of securing income via vehicle tax. He reveals the outrageous behaviour of the DVLA and how they are a victim of their own stupidity.

We discussed the issue yesterday at great length, the DVLA have lost money (when they claimed that they wouldn't) because people aren't being held accountable. And because of the hardships that comes with trying to keep up with all of the new rules and regulations that the DVLA keeps slipping in.

Finally in print he writes, "It was predictable that the vehicle tax update would fall after the abolition of the paper tax disc but it was also avoidable. The DVLA has been offered a replacement paper disc system by commercial providers." That's right, WE OFFERED OUR SMART DISC TECHNOLOGY FOR FREE to work in partnership to provide a solution to those that WANT the paper tax disc.

But they rejected the offer to work together and after numerous meetings they then 'come up' with the idea of moving the driving licence online. What a shock as it's another service we've been working on and is now available on Android (and iOS soon!).

But no. The DVLA would prefer to tax the honest drivers and make life easier for the crooks.


It is in the interest of the Government and the administrators of the DVLA to use a FREE Vehicle Smart Disk for the good of all road users.

People are starting to realise! The DVLA should share our interest in helping us to provide a service that benefits all. The public should be given a choice and they should be rewarded for trying to be honest drivers. Time and time again we have offered to work WITH the DVLA to help UK drivers who wish to keep a form of the paper tax disc on their cars.

Who wish to prove with ease that they are legal, responsible drivers. Who wish to stay up to date but find it hard to keep track of the multiple letters from multiple sources (some of which never get sent out).

Instead they want to close off the information whilst selling it on to a 3rd party, thieving, parking companies. Instead they want to make life hard and confusing so honest drivers are the ones that get fined. (Anyone else find it strange that they want to move online but only send our PAPER reminders?!).

The DVLA say that they send out reminders but really they don't. We know from an inside source that they only send out a tiny fraction of the reminders they claim are sent out!  This is because legally THEY DO NOT HAVE TO.


And if they do, it's a paper reminder to the majority of drivers and let's be honest that makes no sense when they are so hell bent on moving everything online.

Why do they send you a paper reminder? So you forget about it.

That's why we created our Smart Disc Technology. To help people remember, to keep them updated, and to give them the power to prove that they are 100% up to date and legal.

Enough is enough. We'll provide the solutions that the DVLA should be providing for FREE.



Hello Again!

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So the DVLA has hinted at some big news over the past two weeks so unsurprisingly this will be a focus of our fortnightly round-up this week! Unfortunately for the DVLA our very own VDD Team is once more, way ahead of them.

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As always, we have three important stories that will in some way affect and aid you, the honest British driver. Stories such as these have to be shared to help stay ahead of the constant changes that Driving legislations are under at the moment. Due to the DVLA's most recent 'announcement' we've decided that it is the perfect time to share our very own, and far better version, the VSD Digital Wallet Application.

Our confidence comes from using our Safelock vault-like protection system, a far superior encryption system, we assure you, that outperforms all other systems out the - including the Apple Wallet. There's a link for further reading at the bottom of the post, but even more information will be released over the next couple of weeks.

Oh and don't forget about the 25% off of all future products and sister products from VDD. That includes our exciting VDD Digital Wallet Application and more... All you have to do is sign up for a free VSD Badge.

But lets get on with the top stories from the past two weeks:

1. The DVLA And Their 'New' Online Licence

The most significant (but not ground-breaking) news first...

No Need for Plastic: DVLA is Working on Putting Driving Licences on Phones

"Society is well on its way to going cashless and with smartphone payments even credit cards may not be needed for long, but there's one card we all carry that hasn't gone anywhere yet: the humble driving licence."

"That too could be getting the digital treatment soon though, as Oliver Morley, CEO of the DVLA, has just tweeted a picture of a driving licence in the Wallet App on an iPhone, which he says is a "a little prototype of something we're working on."

2. Woman, 87, Threatened With Bailiffs Over Speeding Fines Linked to Car She Sold

"An 87-year-old widow has been threatened with bailiffs over driving offences relating to a car she had sold.

Joan Johnson, from Derby, received the first of about 12 parking and speeding fines, totalling over £1,000, in 2014.

A letter from Leicester Magistrates' Court even warned money would be taken from her pension to pay the fines."

You can find out more about this story here.


3. Confessions of Uber Drivers: Hitting on Hot Women, Driving While High... And Using the Job to Cheat on Oblivious Wives

Most Über drivers are there to take you from A-to-B, but for some the job is a chance to get up to mischief, it seems.

Drivers at the transport company have been sharing revelations about their jobs on the anonymous confessions App Whisper - and the stories range from the comical to the sordid.

The workers reveal they've apparently driven while high, cheated on their wives with customers and told sneaky tales to get tips.

Read more about their exploits here.

Vehicle Data Display Driver Reminder

Although the DVLA wishes they had a new innovative idea, we got there first - read more here.

You must tell the DVLA when your address changes so your driving licence, vehicle registration and vehicle tax are all up-to-date. You can be fined up to £1,000 if you don't do this. You can change it easily here.

That's it for now. Do you have any stories or reminders that you think we should talk about?

Or what do you think about our very own VDD Wallet?

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- VSD The Honest Driver's Friend




Read All About It!

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UK Driving News From VDD

Another week, another wealth of car news stories to fill our blog pages.

The UK (and the DVLA) never seems to disappoint when it comes to interesting and sometimes, ridiculous, Car based antics. As always the VDD Team has selected the top three that we think you, the honest UK Driver, will find both enjoyable and helpful.

This week we're also introducing a quick reminder segment where we'll feature a tip that we think you should have a look into to save you time and hassle later on! 

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So without further ado...

Compulsory first-aid training as part of driving test is proposed in bid to 'save hundreds of lives'

Tory MP Will Quince believes his plan would help people at accident scenes and also illustrates to new drivers the dangers of speeding and reckless driving.

A BID to make all new drivers undertake four hours of practical first-aid training as part of their driving test has the 'potential to save hundreds of lives' the Tory MP behind the move has said.

Read more here

Driving First Aid

Woman caught driving with tree stuck in car (We just had to put this one in here, you'll understand when you see the size of the tree)

We visit the USA for this one.

(Unfortunately however those in the USA can't take advantage of this)

A woman is facing a court appearance after being filmed driving a car with a tree wedged into its front.

Police in Roselle, Illinos, said the tree was thought to be around 15ft tall.

The footage, captured in January, has recieved thousands of likes and shares on the police departments Facebook page after it was posted this week.

You can find out more here.

Tree Car

Brum star John Highton driven around the bend by court letters from bungling DVLA officials.

'They mistook his scooter for an illegal white van - and threatened him with court action.

Actor John Highton, 51, who appeared on the show 'Brum', has been plagued with annoying letters from the DVLA - the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

It seems that cars don't just have minds of their own on telly... or at least that's what happens when it comes to the agency not checking their records properly.'

Read all about the madness here.

Brum DVLA Madness

VDD Driver Reminder!

Don't forget that when you pay to tax your new car it's not valid until the beginning of the next month. So if you drive it before then you could be fined as technically you're not taxed!

That's it for now! Do you have any stories or reminders that you think we should talk about?!

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- VDD The Honest Driver's Friend

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