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Start 2016 In The Right Gear

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2015 was the year of the DVLA changing the rules and failing to make sure that people knew.

It was also the year where Vehicle Data Display decided to help by creating a safe and secure place for drivers to keep all their virtual Car documents.

The DVLA wants to make life harder, Vehicle Data Display wants to make it easier.

The DVLA and authorities increased their crackdown on drivers forgetting to renew their tax, insurance and MOT.

Have you read this article about the increase in Car clamping?

Vehicle Data Display created an easy to use reminder system that proves without doubt that all of your details are up to date. So you don't get caught out like this man talking to the Express or Joe who told VDD that he simply couldn't get in touch with his Insurance company over the weekend and still had to pay out.

Read Joe's Story here.

We hear so many stories about people finding it hard to just keep track of all the different dates that come with owning a car.  Or remembering to keep documents in one place, usually at home, that sometimes they need but can't get to.  Well with a  VDD  badge you have proof at all times that your car is up to date with a reminder system that will tell you a month, and then a week*, in advance when something is due (e-mail and text that you have to respond to).

*Even if you have renewed we'll still send a one week reminder, better to be safe then sorry!

And with our App you can access this information from our secure Borg server, working hard around the clock, no matter where you are!

Already convinced? Complete this short form and your badge will be on it's way!

So when you see in the New Year (once you've beaten the hangover and/or lack of sleep) there's one NY resolution that:

  • you can easily complete (just one form)
  • is completely free 
  • will give you peace of mind for the rest of the year
  • will make life easier
  • protects you from expensive fines
  • secures vital Driving documents (all accessible from your phone)

So start the New Year off ahead of the rest and sign up today.

Oh and have a great 2016!




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