The Original Digital Wallet App by VSD

Vehicle Smart Disk Wallet

Once you have joined the ever increasing family of motorists using our growing range of services you will find our App essential.

You can keep all of your motoring documents and licenses securely online and be able to produce them, if required, on your phone or tablet at the touch of the screen.

On top of this, as well as receiving all the regular reminders about tax, insurance and MoT you'll also receive updates on new services and products available.

The App adds extra layers of security to storing your sensitive data. It's easy to use and of course totally FREE to members.

Once you have joined the FREE membership you will need three things to securely log in to the App and get started.

Your email, password and a unique four digit PIN number which you will be asked to create the first time.

Open the App, type in your login details and password and then if requested, your PIN code.*

The QR code is unique to you for the life of all your vehicles present and future. This is another extra layer of security to your account. If someone tried to use the app with only your log in details and password but couldn’t supply the QR code, they would not be able to gain access to your information and images.

Unlike other Apps free or paid for on the market, which store raw data on the phone and servers, the VSD App stores no images on your phone, not even temporarily, and no raw images are kept on our servers.

As you scan an image it is encrypted before being sent to our servers. Only these encrypted images are stored and without your unique details these cannot be decrypted by anyone trying to hack into your account.

So if you lose your phone, none of your information or scanned images would be accessible to anyone finding it.

You may have never noticed but you’re driving license has many layers of embedded security information.

The VSD App has a unique copyright registered scanning technique that can view all the embedded security information on your driving license.

The App will only accept scans that identify the embedded security information. The driving license information only is encrypted at both ends. It’s then compared with genuine Driving License VSD Recognition software stored in the Vehicle Smart Disk Server.

With layer upon layer of security, you can rest assured that your licenses, MoT’s and insurance documents are safe and secure at all times on our servers.

DVLA have been talking about offering this kind of service far, far, far away in the distant future... they are too late, VSD already offer this in the present.

Make sure you use the original, and the best, the VSD Vehicle Smart Disk wallet application.


* If, in the unlikly event, there is no request for the four digit pin after installing the app, uninstall the app, then carry out a reinstall of the app.

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