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Are You Affiliated with the DVLA?

Absolutely Not. We are in NO WAY affiliated with the DVLA.

This question, unsurprisingly, gets asked quite a lot. In fact it's not just posed as a question with some, during our first days on Facebook, just assuming that we are in fact part of the DVLA.

We can't blame them, with the DVLAs attempts to move everything online a product like ours would be of great benefit.

However, we are a completely independent company. We are in no way affiliated with the DVLA. Yes the DVLA has a reminder service but it's pretty simplistic and involves more effort. There we said it.

The only connection between VDD and the DVLA is that we were inspired to action when the Paper Tax Disc was discontinued a year ago.

Are Your Badges Just a Replacement for the Paper Tax Disc?

So yes our badges came into being because the abolishment of the paper tax disc left our window screens looking a bit empty. We knew that other people would miss having it in the corner and heard more then one person complain that they would forget to renew their Tax on time.

In fact the amount of people whose cars have been clamped because of this very reason has increased dramatically since the new law came into effect.

But whilst the VDD Badge does fill the hole left by the old Paper Tax Disc it does so much more. It consolidates all of your information into one place that you can access with ease using an App on your phone. And it's not just your Tax Disc we'll remind you about but also your Car Insurance and MOT!

On top of that we'll keep you up to date with all changes in legislation as well as reminding you of the new changes already in effect.

Is my Information Safe?

This is an understandable worry especially given some of the recent stories to hit the news recently.

When you sign up for a VSD Badge your security is our number 1 priority. All of your information is 100% secure and only you can access it via your App once you've downloaded it.

Your Member Log-in is known by you and you only and we are vigilant in the online security of our website.

Not only that but we are currently working on a top secret feature that will work with your VSD Badge that will increase security on your information and the car itself.

What Other Features Will There Be?

At the moment when you sign up for one of our VDD Badges you will Badges and the link to download the App. You are then put into our system so you will receive an Email and a Text a month before your Insurance/MOT/Tax is due.

However, our team is working around the clock to bring you not one but two more exciting features over the course of the next year.

The first new feature has to do with revolutionising how you pay for your parking (and avoiding fines from aggressive parking attendants). We covered it here but what we have in mind will work a lot like an Oyster Card for your car.

The second feature is top secret information at the moment. It almost killed our Social Media Manager the other day when she was told she couldn't tweet about it.

But trust us it'll be worth the wait.

How do I apply my Badge/What Will it Look Like?

This is probably the question that we get asked the most. And again it's a good one.

Of course you want to know how easy it is to apply to your car and what it will actually look like once you've done it!

If you follow this link we have a short video that shows you how to do it and how great it looks after!

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