How To Change Your vehicle and Personal Information

There may come a point where you need change ownership details with Vehicle Smart Disk. This could be because your car broke down and you need a new one, or you’re simply transferring or selling the car to someone else.

Well don’t worry, this is extremely easy to do!

  1. Please visit
  2. Select the tab: ‘Get Started’
  3. Enter your Login and Password information
  4. You are now in your secure personal information details
  5. Select either ‘Edit details’ or 'Edit vehicle data'
  6. Click the 'Submit' button to finish (or Account overview to cancel).

The new information will take immediate effect.

We need this information kept up-to-date so we can keep you up-to-date! That’s if you want to know when your MoT, Insurance and Car Tax, Driving Licence and Passport are due...

You can also:

  1. Edit Driver details and add an Additional Driver
  2. If you are purchasing a new car for yourself then you have to apply for a new Vehicle Smart Disk

From the 1st March 2017, ONLY the UQRC (UNIQUE QR CODE) will be printed on the disk. If you wish to view all of your details, you must ONLY use the (Multi-Encrypted) Unique QR Scanner in the Vehicle Smart Disk Wallet App.

Government authorities (i.e. Police and Traffic Wardens) have an alternative SQRC (SECURE QR CODE) reader which only displays Vehicle Reg, VIN Number, Tax due date, MoT due date (if applicable) and Insurance Company.

Allways retain your physical Smart Disk as this doesn't change, only the electronic information changes


If you do exchange the ownership of the car to another person it is their responsibility to inform the DVLA and to purchase new Road Tax.

If you have bought a new car or are taking over ownership of a family members car the same applies. You must inform the DVLA, purchase new Tax and remember: that Tax does not come into effect until the beginning of the next month!

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